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Have your Limited Liability Partnership formally registered and start enjoying the benefits of both a partnership and a limited liability company.

Here’s How It Works


Excellent service and support. Vakil Search Team is very supportive and professional. I Really appreciate the service and support from the team.

Rachna Pathania

Founder & CEO of SchnellTek Software Pvt. Ltd.


Zolvit has been our legal service provider for quite a long time! Our experience with them has been great, especially the speed and proficiency with which they deliver their services. We recommend them!

Satya Vasireddy & Sravani Vasireddy

Founders of Lovely Chocos


Zolvit is exactly what it does. Legal is simple. We went to Zolvit to register our Trademark during the lockdown and everything was done online with ease. We never even had to step out of the house. It was truly a digital experience.

Adarsh Agarwal

CEO & Developer of

Here’s What You’ll Need

Registering LLP in India online is now an easy task, thanks to Zolvit. The process is completely online, safe and hassle free. To guarantee that your papers are always secure, Zolvit implements the greatest security protocols available in the market.

  • Passport or PAN card (foreign nationals or NRIs)

  • Voter ID, passport, driver's licence, and Aadhar card

  • Recent bank statement, phone, mobile, power, and gas bills

  • Passport size photos of the partners

  • A blank document with sample signature

  • One of the partners must self-attest the first three documents

  • All documentation for NRIs or foreign nationals must be apostilled or notarised

  • Utility costs

  • English rental agreement notarized

  • English property deed or sale deed with owner's letter of no objection

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for Registering an LLP Online in India?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served


      Businesses Served

    • All Financial Services in One Place

      Financial Services

      All Financial Services in One Place

    • Nominal rates, great turnaround time

      Quick & Affordable

      Nominal rates, great turnaround time

    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Zolvit's LLP registration online procedure is damn easy! Now start your own LLP in India in just 3 easy steps

    Did you know

    Did you know?

    With effect from 1 April 2009, the law firm Handoo & Handoo became India's first limited liability partnership firm. The firm has four members namely R K Handoo, Yogendra Handoo, Roohi Kohli, and Sushma Handoo; Sushma is a non-practicing partner.

      The Limited Liability Partnership Bill was approved by the Lok Sabha on December 13, 2008, and after receiving the President's assent on 7 January 2009, it became the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.


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      Is LLP registration required in India?


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      Without a CA, can we register an LLP?


      Overview - LLP Registration Online India

      LLP stands for limited liability partnership. It began to take place in India after January 2009 and became an instant hit with new businesses and professional services. The LLP was created with the intention of giving owners limited liability and an easy-to-maintain company structure.

      There should be at least two partners in an LLP. There is no limit on the number of partners. Sections 11 to 21 of the LLP Act are covered by Chapter 3 of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. A certificate of incorporation for an LLP is granted by that section. According to Sections 11 and 12, an LLP can be incorporated by submitting an incorporation document to the registrar, and in most cases, the registrar must issue a certificate of incorporation within 14 days of the filing of the incorporation document. Registration of LLP is granted by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) India.

        Benefits Of an LLP

          Very Less Liability


          Distinct Legal Entity


          Versatile Agreement


          Appropriate For Small Businesses


          Checklist Requirements for LLP Registration Online in India

          • An LLP must have a minimum of two partners (no upper limit)
          • All designated partners and their DSC
          • All specified partners' DPINs
          • Name of the LLP, which is distinct from any trademark or other LLP already in use
          • capital investment made by the LLP's partners
          • A LLP must have authorised capital of at least ₹1 lakh
          • Agreements between-partners in LLP
          • Evidence of the LLP's registered office
          • Indian residents should make up at least one of the selected partners
          • Documents needed to register an LLP.

          Process - How to Use Zolvit to Register an LLP Online

          Zolvit offers online LLP registration services. Although we simplify the 3-step LLP registration procedure for you, the actual registration process is complex and is described below for your knowledge:

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            Step 1: Getting DSC and DIN

            The directors' DSC is required for submission of any online forms. Consequently, obtaining DSCs and DINs for two partners is the first stage in the process. We obtain the required data from you and file for them.

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            Step 2: Submit a Name Approval Application

            The name you intend to register under is simultaneously checked for availability and reserved for your LLP. On the MCA portal, you may look up name availability. Zolvit can conduct a free online name search. The name must not be similar to any trademarks, body corporates, LLPs, partnership businesses, or other existing entities. Only if the federal government does not deem the name offensive will the registrar provide the name approval.

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            Step 3: LLP Agreement

            The LLP agreement and other paperwork required for registration must be drafted. A LLP agreement is essential because it specifies the partners' and the LLP's respective rights and obligations. As a result, this agreement was carefully drafted by our professionals.

            As soon as the LLP is registered by submitting Form 3 online via the MCA portal, the partners formally engage into the LLP agreement. This operation can be completed in 30 minutes.

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            Step 4: LLP Incorporation Certificate

            The relevant documentation will be delivered by our group to the registrar. You receive your LLP incorporation certificate and are almost ready to start operating your business once the registrar has approved all the papers and documents.

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            Step 5: Open a Bank Account and Apply for Your PAN

            As soon as you receive the certificate of formation, we will apply for your LLP's PAN, TAN, and bank account to start the procedure.

          What Zolvit LLP Registration Package Contains?

          The LLP registration package from Zolvit contains the following:

          • For two directors, DSCs
          • 2 directors' DINs
          • Creating the MoA and AoA
          • Creating a partnership contract
          • Fees for registration and stamp duty
          • PAN and TAN registration and a certificate of organisation
          • Free first consultation, then ongoing help to address any issues you may have
          • Complete assistance with creating a current account
          • Thorough and prompt updates on ROC compliances
          • Programme for online accounting that is good for a year
          • A single master file containing all the paperwork required to submit the incorporation
          • Additionally, you will receive a DBS bank-powered current account with no balance.