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Trademark Assignment


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Assigning use of your trademark need not be a difficult process. With Zolvit, it’s as easy as a couple of clicks!

Here’s How It Works

It's easy to transfer your trademark. Let Zolvit help you with your trademark assignment, and it's never too late!

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    Submit all the required documents

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Here’s What You’ll Need

To prevent others from using your trademark, register it. Your documents are always secure with Zolvit's best-in-industry security protocols. Here are the documents you need to prepare for the trademark assignment.

  • Trademark registration certificate

  • Details (identity and address proof) of the assignor and assignee

  • A letter of consent from the original trademark owner

  • Goodwill or no goodwill in a trademark assignment

  • Registrar's direction along with the advertisement

  • Witnesses and signatories

  • Obtaining notarisation

  • Date and place of execution

  • The power of attorney

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      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

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    Did you know

    Did you know?

    Like physical properties, trademarks can also be transferred by their owners. An assignment is one way to transfer a trademark. An assignment is the transfer of rights, interests, titles, and benefits from one person to another. The assignment of a trademark is the transfer of ownership rights to another party.

      A trademark assignment is a transfer of an owner's right, title, and interest in a trademark or brand mark in accordance with Section 37 of the Trademark Act of 1999. In cases where a trademark is registered, the assignment must be recorded in the trademark register


      Can anyone assign a trademark?


      What is the timeframe for the Trademark Assignment?


      Can the Assignment of Trademarks be done without Goodwill?


      How can I assign my Trademark?


      How can I know if something is trademarked?


      What are the Advantages of Trademark Assignment in India?


      Overview - An Overview of Trademark Assignment

      Owners of trademarks can transfer them similarly to owners of physical properties. An assignment is one way to transfer a trademark. An assignment refers to the transfer of rights, interests, titles, and benefits from one person to another. Transferring a trademark right to another person is called an assignment.

      The assignor is the party transferring ownership, and the assignee is the party receiving it. A trademark can be assigned in writing by an act of the parties concerned under section 2(1)(b) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999. Trademarks can be assigned with or without goodwill, whether they are registered or unregistered

        Types - Types of Trademark Assignments

          Complete Assignment


          Partial Assignment


          Assignment With Goodwill of Business


          Assignment Without the Goodwill of Business


          Assigning a Trademark Requires Certain Prerequisites


          Process - Process of Assignment of Trademark

          A trademark can be assigned in India in the following ways:

          • A trademark assignment agreement transfers the ownership rights in the trademark from the assignor to the assignee.
          • An application for a trademark assignment in Form TM-P can be filed by either the assignee or the assignor to register the assignment.
          • A Form TM-P must be filed with the trademark registrar within six months of the assignment. Fees may vary depending on the time after the assignment.
          • The assignment must be advertised within the period directed by the trademark registrar.
          • The advertisement and registrar's direction should be submitted to the registrar's office.
          • Trademark assignment applications (form TM-P) and required documents must be received by the registrar of trademarks for successful registration and registration

          Why Zolvit? - Trademark Assignment With Zolvit

          Using our experts to navigate the complex trademark assignment process will save a lot of time and stress. Our team ensures that all steps of the process are completed online and that the documents are filed on time.

          Here are few benefits of trademark assignment:

          • Trademark assignments allow brands to be encashed
          • Trademark assignment gives the assignee the rights of an established brand
          • Both the assignor and assignee benefit from trademark assignments
          • In case of dispute, the trademark assignment agreement establishes the legal rights of the assignor and assignee.